Umumi - General Secretary

The Department of Umumi is in charge of the central office of the Majlis. It keeps record of all proceedings of the National Amilah as well as any communication with the center, other Jamā’at offices and axillaries. It ensures that the instructions of Sadr Majlis are being carried out in a timely manner. All Majlis communication to the national, regional and local office holders is facilitated through this department.

Department of Umumi provides help in the following matters of the Majlis:

  • Any approval or change of the local or regional body (Amilah) should be submitted to Qa’id Umumi for Sadr Majlis’s approval.
  • Any issue in monthly reporting system should be communicated to Qa’id Umumi so that he can find the appropriate resources to solve the issue.
  • Any question or concern in holding the local Amilah or general body meetings should be communicated to Qa’id Umumi for proper guidance.
  • Any issue of local or regional level should be communicated to Qa’id Umumi for proper resolution.
  • Any matter requiring the attention of Sadr Majlis or National Amilah concerning local, regional or national events should be communicated to Qa’id Umumi.
  • You can reach out to the Department of Umumi if you need any Majlis related document or need guidance in any of the following matters:

Department's Goal

Increase Ansār attendance in general monthly meetings to 1250.

Umumi Team

1. Maqbool Tahir - Qa’id Umumi
2. Mujeeb Chowdhary - Na’ib Qa’id Umumi
3. Mahfooz Sheikh - Na’ib Qa’id Umumi

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