2017 National Ijtima Survey - Participants’ Testimonials

By the Grace of Allah, an overwhelming majority of brothers who attended the 2017 National Ijtima of Majlis Ansarullah, USA on September 22-24 have enjoyed the experience. Participants of the national Ijtima provided excellent feedback in the survey. Some of the comments from the Ijtima survey are presented in the following.

  • My first time…this is amazing. I am different from the experience—I feel changed. My eyes were closed; now they are open, and "I can see."
  • First time experience; was impressive and enjoyable. Tremendous brotherly love all around. Thank you for the wonderful experience.
  • One sentence—Very Great.
  • Enjoyed everything very much. Will come every year.
  • Jazakallah for providing me with the great spiritual experience.
  • An excellent spiritual experience and example of brotherhood.
  • The Ijtima was a blessing of Allah.
  • Very uplifting and inspiring.
  • My first Ijtima and what an amazing experience. Mashallah 1400+ Ansar attended and flawless hospitality.
  • I have been attending Ansar Ijtima’at for a number of years now and truly find them uplifting both from a spiritual as well as brotherhood perspective. I had a very crazy and stressful work week right before the Ijtima and almost did not attend. I had to change my travel plans at the last minute but I am really glad that I did. Once I was at the Ijtima, I became immersed in the atmosphere and my worldly stresses faded. Alhamdulillah!