Goals and Objectives

Key Goals and Objectives – 2018

  • General meeting attendance at least 50% or more every month
  • Achieve attendance target for National Ijtima
  • 26 bi-weekly e-newsletters
  • 3 to 6 print newsletters
  • Year-in-review issue of Al-Nahl
  • Verify contact information of 2700 members and update national Tajnid system with changes in mailing address, phone, email, etc.
  • Participation of 2700 Ansar
  • Each Za’im to contact each member in his Majlis for budget preparation
Tahrik Jadid
  • 90% of Ansar participation in Tahrik Jadid
Waqf Jadid
  • 90% of Ansar participation in Waqf Jadid
  • All Ansar watching or listening to Huzoor’s (may Allah be his helper) Friday sermons and discussing with their families, at least once a month
  • 50% of earning and Chanda-paying Ansar to join the System of Wasiyyat
  • 40% of Ansar taking and completing Ta’lim Test I and II
Ta’limul Qur’an
  • All Ansar regularly reciting the Holy Qur’an with its translation and/or commentary
Tarbiyat Nau Muba'i'in
  • Create and implement a short workbook for Nau Muba’i’in
  • Ensure Nau Muba’i’in are active and participating in local and national events of the Jama’at and Majlis Ansarullah
  • Motivate 100% Ansar to participate in at least one Tabligh activity a month
  • Enable local Muntazim to organize one group Tabligh activity a month
  • Provide opportunity to all Ansar to participate in National Tabligh Campaigns
Social Services
  • 1500 visits to sick/elderly/inactive members
  • At least 30% of members to exercise regularly (4 times a week or more)
  • Support Ansar health care services via Ansar Help Line
  • Audit 50 Majalis' accounts during the year
  • Conduct yearly audit of income and expenses submitted by Majalis and National departments