Nasir Mahmood Malik
 Sadr Majlis Ansarullah, USA

Nasir Mahmood Malik, son of Abdur Rahman Saleem, was born on April 30, l950, in Karachi, Pakistan. He is the eldest of five brothers (one deceased) and two sisters. He is blessed with four children, two boys and two girls, the youngest girl being a Waqfa-i-Nau girl). Born as an Ahmadi Muslim, Nasir became a Moosi in l962. In his younger days he played soccer, volleyball, badminton, racquetball, tennis, and ping-pong. These days he enjoys walking. His current hobbies include reading, mentoring, coaching, teaching, traveling, and home improvement projects.

Nasir completed his undergraduate studies in Pakistan with B.Sc. from University of Karachi in l968, and B.Sc. Mechanical Engineering) from University of Engineering and Technology, Lahore, in l973. After working as Assistant Engineer with the Airports Development Agency in Karachi for about l8 months, he moved to the US on June l7, l975 as a student. Studying at the Wayne State University, Detroit, Michigan, he obtained M.S. (Mechanical Engineering) in l976 and MBA (Finance) in l978. Since then he has worked in the Detroit Metropolitan Area as an automotive engineer. Currently he is working in the aerospace industry as a Product Line Manager in Honeywell Aerospace, California.

Over the years, Nasir has had the good fortune to serve the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, USA in various capacities as follows.

2013 to date National Ta'lim Secretary, USA
2013 to date Vice-President, L.A.-West Jama'at
2007 to date Tarbiyat Secretary, L.A.-West Jama'at
2000 - 2006 President, Detroit Jama'at
2000 - 2005 Sadr Majlis Ansarullah, USA
l995 - 2013 National Tarbiyat Secretary, USA
l989 - l995 National Tabligh Secretary, USA
l990 - l99l Officer Jalsa Salana, USA
l983 Officer Jalsa Salana, USA
l982 - l986 National Qa'id, Majlis Khuddam-ul-Ahmadiyya, USA
l978 - l99l President, Detroit Jama'at
l976 - l978 Acting President, Detroit Jama'at