Directives from Khalifatul-Masih

On December 1-3, 2017, Ansar National Amila members, Nazimin A'la, and Zu'ama visited London, UK to have an audience with Hazrat Khalifatul-Masih V (may Allah be his helper). Most of the members paid for their own travel expense and others paid major part of their air fare. Alhamdulillah, the visit was a memorable experience of spending a few days in the company of Khalifatul-Masih.

In a meeting with the visiting members, Huzoor graciously offered advice on a range of issues. Following is a summary of theses directives.

  • Involve more non-Pakistani members as Ansarullah officeholders.
  • Increase participation of Ansarullah in Waqf Jadid to 90%.
  • Remind members to listen to Huzoor's Friday sermons.
  • Try newer ways—social science methods—to gather data from Ansar to address the problems faced in data collection (where some Ansar refuse to provide information).
  • Remind non-Musi Ansar to read Al-Wasiyyat three times as a way to inspire them towards joining the system of Wasiyyat; do not force anyone to join.
  • Huzoor reminded more than one group members about keeping a beard.
  • Improve our own character and Taqwa as a means to strengthen our Tabligh.
  • Concerning Tabligh: Our job—according to the Holy Qur'an—is to convey the message. When the time comes and people look for the truth, they will at least know where to go.
  • Regarding refugees: Find them jobs and also give them loans to start their own businesses.
  • About Ansar Housing Project, Huzoor said that he thought it was a good project and those who could afford should buy a house there. Huzoor further stated that Huzoor has himself bought a house there.
  • Regarding girls being more educated than boys, Huzoor said: It is a fact that girls are generally more educated than boys. But they are willing to marry boys of somewhat lower education as long as the boy is caring. We need to remind our men that when it comes to selecting a spouse, an Ahmadi girl is the right choice.
  • Concerning whether a boy and girl can email/text or see each other before marriage, Huzoor provided a measured response that yes, it is allowed under parental guidance but these liberties can also cause problems. Therefore, one should be cautious.

In the end, Huzoor graced the winning Majalis by giving them their awards and blessed each member with a photo op and a handshake.

May Almighty Allah enable us all to act on the advice of our beloved Huzoor to the best of our abilities. Ameen.

Disclaimer: Please note that these points reflect our understanding of the instructions and are not the official minutes of the meeting. Majlis Ansarullah USA takes full responsibility for any inadvertent errors or miscommunication.