Power of Prayers

How to teach our children the power of prayers

(WMD = Weapon of Master Defense)

Abdul Nasir, Central Jersey Majlis

It is human nature and instinct, stamped on our DNA, to acquire protection from any external/internal hazards and dangers whether they are physical, anatomical, financial, or political. Our body acquires immunity against certain pathogens, viruses, etc. If you are weak, you build muscles to give you some sort of self-confidence to defend yourself physically. If you see a fear of losing your worldly status in the society, you tend to acquire wealth and high position to become a so called “Big Shot.”

Being a conscious parent, the desire of giving invaluable gifts/gear to growing children always stays with us. We keep planning on what those things are that will contribute to their protection and security now and in the future. Some of us may get influenced by our past financial hardships or other social circumstances in which we felt that if we had more wealth or higher positions, we would have been better off and better recognized in the society. This is a very natural human thought process, and not everything is wrong about it. However, as parents we cannot ignore the vulnerability of all these resources and artificial means of security and satisfaction. Not just from lessons that history has taught us, but also, around our personal nucleus of life we can easily find that we are all much better off if our children are equipped with a strong bond and personal relationship with ‘The Source’ behind all these resources—a bond, which is strengthened through the ‘power of prayers’.

We all try to acquire this weapon—of master defense—while extremely subtle, it is so powerful that it can cause kingdoms to fall, dead to become alive, impossible to turn into possible, and well sustained and everlasting self-confidence to be secured.

My wife and I have, by the grace of Allah, these opportunities where we are not only able to pray for our children’s strong spiritual life but also attribute every good thing happening in our or their lives to be an answer of prayers—whether it is simply food on the table, nice clothes, getting good grades, papa or mama getting better from an ailment, or a trip to Disney.

The most powerful examples are the ones that relate to their own lives. The famous saying, “Seeing is believing” works magically. Once they see the result of their prayers at this age, it stays with them. Just like any other thing in worldly affairs, we market products and try to sell, but the best marketing is the one that is followed by a demo and if the client likes the taste, he or she will buy it. The best marketing tool we have is the life history of the Holy Prophet (may peace and blessings of Allah be on him), the Promised Messiah (peace be on him), and the Khulafa. The demo is your own involvement in prayers and sharing the results with children.

As parents of two daughters, we also encourage writing to Huzoor (may Allah be his helper) for prayers by telling them that God listens to the prayers of all yet the people chosen by God have stronger connection with Him. Also, explaining to them, that based upon the Qur’anic injunction, if we follow “the straight path” we are bestowed with all these blessings that are showered upon people with as high a status as a status of prophets of God.