Wearing Hijab

What changed my daughter’s mind about wearing Hijab?

Tanvir Ahmad, Detroit Majlis

I am more than fortunate to have a life partner who is pious, humble, and a highly educated professional. I often prayed for a daughter because the Prophet of Allah (may peace and blessings of Allah be on him) also had daughters that lived and his progeny continued. I offered both of my children for Waqf-i-Nau for I knew nothing better than that to safeguard my children. As my daughter grew older, she excelled in education, developed superb inter-human relationships, and a very genuine inclination towards Jama’at. However, one thing was still missing. She did not yet start wearing Hijab and that bothered me and my wife.

Growing up in an affluent American environment, I noticed that my little girl was perhaps calmly accepting American values. We started talking about Hijab from her early teen years but nothing worked. Although, she did not argue with us yet she did not feel comfortable to wear the Hijab either. She was, however, keenly devoted to the Jama’at and ever ready to serve. We lived in a small town for more than ten years with very few Ahmadi families and the mosque was several hours drive time away. For a decade, I rarely missed any meetings or events even though we had to drive more than three hours, one way.

My job involved an hour or more of driving to a small rural hospital where I worked as a general & emergency physician. During those long hours of driving, I prayed continuously for everyone; above all for my children and my family for more than a hundred times. It felt like my prayers were being answered in every respect except one—my daughter was not ready to wear Hijab even though she was 14 years old.

Suddenly, something changed!

We decided to move to a town with a big and active Jama’at in 2012. Around that time, Huzoor (may Allah be his helper) visited USA and Canada. During his visit, I took my family and spent the entire duration of his trip in his company. Something happened during that trip to all of us but particularly to my daughter. One day, she asked us to buy her a Hijab and that was it. To this day, she continues to wear Hijab without any extra effort on our part. Her Purdah is less than perfect but it is a transformation that I did not see coming, at least, so suddenly. All Praise to Allah.

Perhaps it was the prayers of a father for his daughter all sixteen years of her life or an excellent role model from her mother but I firmly believe that Allah’s doors of blessing opened unto us when we spent those days and weeks in the company of His Khalifah. I also believe that if we continue to remain attached with the Khalifah of the time, and instill this attachment in our children as well, they will not be wasted. Even, if it appears that they are drifting away, they will always come back.