Stories of My Elders

Suhail Kausar, Na’ib Sadr Awwal

Imagine you are sitting with your family at the dinner table and something reminds you of your mother, or father, or grandparents, and your heart melts with the memory of their faith inspiring life. Imagine you start telling a moving story, an incidence that you remember about them, to your family.

We want you to share such a story with Ansar brothers. Majlis Ansarullah, USA is launching an initiative entitled “Stories of My Elders” to do just that. Please read below to get an idea of the scope of this project. We encourage all Ansar, especially members of Saff Awwal, to share with us the stories of their elders.

I personally urge my brothers in Saff Awwal to enlighten us with such stories. As an example, one such story of a member talking about his parents can be viewed here.

The guidelines for story submission are as follows.

  • Record a video of a Nasir telling a faith inspiring story of his deceased parents or family members.
  • The Nasir should talk about a blood relative/family member.
  • Show original artifacts or Tabarukat (Tasbih, Qur’an, Prayer rug, notebook, letters, etc.) that helps us visualize. Use specifics when telling the story.
  • Cell phone videos are acceptable provided there is clean background, steady hand, and good sound.
  • The video must be under 6-minute duration.
  • The story must be narrated in English or should have English subtitles.
  • A Majlis could submit as many high quality videos as they like. A Majlis can earn up to a maximum of 40 points from these videos in a calendar year.
  • Each video that meets the above criteria will be awarded up to 20 points maximum (from Sadr’s discretion) towards ‘Alam-i-In‘ami. Videos will be archived on our YouTube channel.

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Suhail Kausar
Na’ib Sadr Awwal
Majlis Ansarullah, USA