Goals and Objectives

Key Goals and Objectives – 2017

1Qa'id UmumiIncrease Ansār attendance in general monthly meetings to 1250.
2Qa’id PublicationPublish 26 bi-weekly e-newsletters, 6 bi-monthly print newsletters, and 1 annual Al-Nahl.
3Qa’id TajnidVerify contact information of 2600 members and update changes in mailing address, phone, email etc.
4Qā'id MālIncrease Ansar participation to 2550 2. Each Zaeem contact each member in his majlis.
5Qā'id Tahrīk JadīdIncrease Ansar participation to 2550 in Tahrik-E-Jadid.
6Qā'id Waqf JadīdIncrease Ansar participation to 2550 in Waqf-E-Jadid.
7Qa’id Tarbiyat1. 3000 Ansar offering Congregational Salat on a regular basis at home, salat centers and/or Mosque.
2. 350 new Ansar to enter in Nizam-e-Wasiyat
8Qa’id Ta'lim1. Participation of 1438 Ansar in Talim tests.
2. Completion of 1st level (basic) Talim test by 1313 Ansar, out of which 313 achieving 2nd level (advanced) Talim test..
9Qa'id Ta’limul Qar’an100% of Ansar reciting Holy Quran Daily.
10Qa’id Training of New Members10 Nau Mubā'i'īn attend either UK Jalsa Salana or National Majlis Ansarullah Ijtema.
11Qa’id Tabligh1. Bring 100 guests to USA Jalsa, West Coast Jalsa or Ansar National Ijtima.
2. Register 313 Active Daeens from Majlis Ansarullah
12Qā'id Social Services1000 Visits to sick and elderly Members.
13Qa’id HealthAt least 1000 Asnar Exercise Regularly, Adopt Healthy Lifestyle. Continue Health Help Line and Material for Meeting. Contribute in Newsletter.
14AuditorAudit at least 50 majalis.
15NaziminVisit every Majlis once a year .