Ijtima 1000 - October 10-12, 2014

Baitur-Rahman Mosque, Silver Spring, MD

Ijtima Information


You are wondering: why are we calling the 2014 Ijtima as "Ijtima 1000?" Because we want it to be a historic Ijtima. Over the years, our national Ijtima attendance has steadily grown from the low 500s to mid 700s. This year, we have made it a national priority to inspire 1000 souls to attend Majlis Ansarullah, USA's national Ijtima.

Theme by Hazrat Khalifatul Masih

Protecting ourselves and our families from a fire.


You are again wondering: how will we fit 1000 people in the halls of Baitur Rahman? We won't. The Ijtima team will install outdoor marquees with 1000 seats. Remember the way we used to hold Jalsa Salana in the early 2000s at Baitur Rahman? See a few sample images below.


Really looking forward to this year's Ijtima'. This premier event of Majlis Ansarullah, USA is always spiritually uplifting as well as fun and a great learning experience. Hoping to see 1000 brothers there, insha'allah.

please make sure that the recitation of the Holy Quran is invariably followed by english translation , properly READ OUT. In few last ijtimas the translation was only showed on a projected slide, which many could hardly see, due to obstruction of the line of sight to the screen

At times the poem is too REPETITIVE, and thus becomes too long. It may be confined to a fixed number of verses, specifying the number of allowed repetitions.

These are honest observations , without any malicious intentions. My appologies if my words are considered wrong.

I was marvelous spiritual experience; struggle for registration of more than 1000 Ansars.It was online broadcasting as well so my wife recorded some stuff.
Speeches / activities were excellent,and it will be worth to have repetitions and to refresh the memories of same again. When we can have complete proceedings, including Speeches / Workshops online.