Ansar Tahir Scholarship

Purpose and Scope

In a changing marketplace, many of us have to retool ourselves in order to find and retain jobs that allow us to fulfill our obligations as responsible sons, husbands, and fathers. Ansar Tahir Scholarship is one such initiative where deserving members can get up to a maximum of $4,000 grant to improve their job prospects. Funds can be used towards paying for the training and/or tuition of educational and vocational courses.


  • This scholarship is for secular training of Ansar in the U.S. to improve their employability. The funds should be used for tuition or training only. Funds cannot be used for any other purpose including as seed money to start a new business.

  • The scholarship will be awarded for a maximum of $4,000 per applicant per year for up to two years (total amount cannot exceed $8,000 per applicant).
  • Scholarships will be granted on “first come, first served” basis until funds allocated for the year are exhausted. Applications can be submitted at any time; there is no deadline for the application.

  • Applicant must:

  • 1. Be a bona fide member of Majlis Ansarullah, USA in good standing.
  • 2. Have identified a new career path.
  • 3. Be capable and willing to undertake successful completion of the proposed training.
  • 4. Not have received Tahir Scholarship for a different course in previous 5 years.

  • In most cases, payments will be made directly to the training institution.

Application Requirements and Process

  • Application should be accompanied by:

  • 1. A letter of acceptance and financial requirement from the institution.
  • 2. A cover letter stating that if applicant is unable to complete the planned training,
          he will promptly return the funds.
  • 3. Two letters of recommendations.

  • Applicant should complete Section A and then forward the entire application to Za’im of his Majlis. If the applicant does not live in a Majlis, he should forward it to Nazim of his region or Qa’id Umumi.
  • Za’im (or Nazim) should complete Section B and send the entire application to:

Continued Support

  • Grades will be evaluated at the end of each semester. Applicant should maintain a passing grade to receive funds for the next semester/session.